Monday, April 22, 2013

He Went to Jarred

Ok, this is not spring-time polish. I get that. But damn the norm!!! :) I got this polish a while ago and hadn't worn it. Then I said something to someone about it this weekend and was like, I should wear that! And what way to show off a nice flakie of any kind than on a black background? Anyway, I used OPI "Black Onyx" for the base, and the flakie polish is 12K white gold flakes in a clear base. It's from Ninja Polish (which you can get online, I'm not sure about international shipping or anything though) and it's called "He Went to Jarred". How hilarious is that?! I am more of a silver-type gal rather than gold, so I was happy to find a silver version of this kind of polish. Although, sometimes it depends on the color of the base polish to determine if yellow gold is better or the white gold. You know, red and gold seem to go well, while blue and silver compliment each other nicely. Anyway, Happy Monday!

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