Friday, June 8, 2012


This is the new Nails Inc fishnet magnetic color. It's called "Spitalfields" and works just like all the other Nails Inc ones. I was really excited to get this, but I'm kind of disappointed. I love the color itself, but the magnet is kind of weak. Actually, the photo looks better than they do in person. I think where the pattern is very close together or something, that it caused the strength to weaken, and not pull the design out as much. This is just my opinion. Also, my index finger nail is very curved, like hooks down from cuticle to tip, so the weakness of the magnet was not able to make the pattern on the tip of my nail. It looks like there is pattern on it after the second "x"part on that finger, but it didn't have any pattern at all.  But, the green color is absolutely awesome!

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