Monday, June 4, 2012

Orly Magnetic FX

Today I used my new Orly Magnetic FX polish. I loved this color, but I had to skew it a bit to see the pattern. This  color is actually called "Opposites Attract" and it comes with a magnet that makes an "x" design. I bought another one that's called "Paint On Electron" which comes with a magnet that makes this "s" sort of design. I really like the "s" pattern, so I mixed it up. This is the beauty of these Orly colors, the magnets are not attached to the bottle. However, if your nails are long, these magnets will not work for your nails, or just make the design on the tip, because the physical magnet is fairly small. Luckily, (or for this situation), I broke one of mine and cut them all off so it works on my current stubbies.

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