Monday, October 15, 2012

Jack O' Lantern

I bought Essence nail polish for the first time the other day. This is the color "Black is Back" and it's one of the Color n Go types. I bought it to use with my Konad/Fauxnad plates since I've had a lot of streaking problems with my Konad black Special polish. I decided to try it as a full polish, not just for stamping. The coverage was nice, only needed to coats to get full coverage, but the wear was absolutely horrible. It was barely 2 days when it cracked right off....I don't mean a chip, I mean half of my thumbnail polish was gone when a hit my thumb on the counter top. My stamping left something to be desired too. I have been working a lot and have had a minimal amount of time to do my nails at all, so I apologize for my lack of flair and minimal posts, but that's how it works sometimes. This was a Halloween plate D03 that I got from Chez-Delaney. I used Konad special polish in yellow. Nice to know that the yellow is opaque enough to use over black!

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