Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Candy

Hi! I've been gone for a while, I know. I am still waiting for my nail to grow back to a managable length for me on my left hand. So, I took a photo of my right hand! It's funny, I had no idea how to hold my hand and clicking the button on my camera was really awkward. Also, it has rained for like a week straight, so it was hard for me to get good lighting. I tried outside in the dreary-ness but I actually had better luck inside. It's so dark and horrible outside that the auto flash kept happening...even outside! It can be sunny any time now! Even if it snows a foot, as long as there is a little sun, I don't care. It was also my birthday on Saturday. I got a great eyeshadow set that I'm really excited about. And it's not cold the 50's (F), so the heat hasn't kicked on and it's kind of humid in the house and polish would NOT dry. Ok, enough explanation and ranting...onto the polish!
This was actually an idea I saw at Colores de Carol...she has great color combos and stamps like a champ! Hers was a white base, but the two-toned stamping design is what I loved. My base is Layla Hologram polish in "Golden Idol". It has a great, awesome color shift with it's linear holo, but with no sunlight, it's hard to capture that. You can see a little of it here, but not like it is in person. Then I used Bundle Monster plate BM306 and dotted alternating red and green Konad special polish along the top and left of the design then swiped the polish diagonally. Viola!

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