Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who just turned 36?!

Ok, so I think I look pretty good for 36. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, even though I wanted to "review" the eyeshadow I had on here, I'll just tell you about it. My husband bought me the gargantuan e.l.f. 144 color palette thing from Target for my birthday. LOVE IT! I wanted to try their products for a while, but never got around to getting any. Ok, I am a sucker for red eyeshadow. I can rarely find any that don't look pink. Well, these were ok. The darkest one was not much different than Urban Decay's "Gash". I like them though. They didn't turn too pink on me. They were a bit difficult to blend, like a dry yet sticky thing happening. I got them to work, just had to use a little more than usual (I am a HUGE fan of Ulta brand shadows, UD, and Smashbox) so these were just a little different. Maybe it was just the red colors themselves? I will continue to use it because I have 140 more colors to try! Definitely a great buy for $15! Seriously, $15!!! You can also get it through if they ever have it in stock. Thanks for staring at my mug for a second. Also, maybe next time I'll use my Real camera and just do a shot of my eyes :)

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