Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Second St. Patty's Day Nails

I love this magnetic polish. I have posted it before, and in this magnetic pattern. Some things you just like, you know? :) It's Nails Inc in "Spitalfields" and I used my China Glaze magnet. This polish actually comes with a fishnet pattern magnetic, but I'm not a fan. It is very weak and just looks blah to me. So, I go back to what I know works, and what I like. Is that bad? Then, I bought a ton of water decals on Amazon...the seller, I can't remember. I bought them before xmas and bought like 3 sets. They were dirt cheap, like 48 for $5.99 or something. They had all sorts of holiday themed metallic designs...snowflakes, shamrocks, easter eggs, stars and stripes, I went with one of the shamrocks just as an accent. The brand of decals is Fuji. Again, I have no idea of the seller or if this is a retail brand, or that sellers brand, or what. The packaging only has the directions on it, no distributor, no "made in" whatever country, nothing. I love water decals though. So easy to work with, they can have multiple colors in one design, and they don't smear like Konad-type stamps. Now I still love Konad stamps, don't get me wrong, but you gotta love the simplicity of water decals. Have a great Wednesday!

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