Friday, May 17, 2013

Bogota Blackberry and nail catastrophe!

So, I broke a nail at work. Why? Why does this happen?! I had gotten a replacement bottle of OPI "Bogota Blackberry", which is a wonderful, yet old OPI classic. I went to have my toes done and did them in this color, so I thought, why not match fingers and toes? This is something I rarely do. So I painted them just plain. The color is so pretty, I didn't even put anything fancy on them. So then, I bend a nail and bam, tiny fracture about halfway down my length. I guess I should be happy it wasn't to the flesh! I filed them down, and left with stubbies. But because I filed them, the edges were If-fy. I did the french tip with China Glaze "Liquid Leather".  Now it looks like a brand new mani!

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