Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The truth is out there!

Hi everyone! I was feeling a bit nostalgic for some great TV shows. Also, I have been swatching all of my polishes, which has caused me to do my nails LESS...It's shocking! And it's also caused me to think, wow, I have a LOT of polish. I'm almost at 500 bottles. It seems ridiculous, but it's my other weakness...eye shadow is my first. Anyhoo.... I bought Orly "Androgynie" and hadn't used it yet. It's somewhere in between a regular polish and a jelly and has tiny and hex glitter. For this particular application, I wanted just a little more sparkle so I added I coat of  China Glaze "Fairy Dust". This is a glitter I always go to. It helps give a little more Umph to a polish...like a day or two later when you want a different look, but not to change your polish completely. Who am I kidding, I'm lucky if I wear any for more then three days! Then I saw where it looked kind of "spacey" together and thought, hmmm, aliens. So, my Fab Ur Nails Fun 2 plate came into play. They are actually a very pale/pastel green, and not white. Would be awesome if they glowed in the dark :) Maybe I could double stamp them with glow polish, or they could be extra ghosty looking ones in the background...So many ideas, only 10 fingers! Not fair! Ha! I can't believe how many coats of polish I sometimes have on at one time! This is 2 coats of base (wasn't sure about staining), 4 coats of "Androgynie", 1 coat of Seche, 1 coat of "Fairy Dust", Konad spacial polish for the alien heads, and 2 more coats of Seche. What?! Hope you all enjoy :)

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