Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's just.....ok

Dear readers,
I have been slacking on my polish posts! I hope I am forgiven. I still have no members on my blog, so I don't know if anyone takes offense :) At any rate, today's polish is not my favorite, but I thought it was ok enough to post. I believe I have an issue when using my black stamping polish. No matter how thin or thick I put it on, no matter how long I wait or how quickly I stamp, and no matter how lightly or firmly I press the design, it never really turns out as well as I hope for. I had originally wanted to put a purple stamp on top of this pink, but it wasn't enough of a contrast, but not a tone on tone sort of effect either. So I carefully removed the purple and did this black one. I always get streaks when I apply top coat on the black. I let it dry for at least 15 minutes. Maybe I just need a new bottle of black stamping polish! :) On to the items...the pink base is OPI "Strawberry Margarita", Konad special polish in black, and Fab Ur Nails image plate Fun 2. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. nice!

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