Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect

Hi everyone! So this is Nails Inc Leather Effect in "Noho". It is a texture finish polish, which seems to be the trend right the OPI Liquid Sand polishes. This is a black on black finish. Even though it comes in one bottle, it seems like a regular polish with a matte glitter finish. The "base" color is like a smooth and shiny black, and then the "top coat" is totally a matte black glitter. Of course you are not supposed to use a real top coat on this polish because it would remove the finish. The kit with this color also has lots of rhinestones and 4 awesome skulls that are metal and encrusted with rhinestones. The only drawback is that the skulls are a little large, and my nails are WAY too curved for them to lay flat on the nail. Seriously, it's like I had a two-by-four laying on the surface of my nail. I think you could very easily make a Franken like this. Take black polish and add black glitter until the finish is that of a super hungry glitter. The kit was $19.  They also have one in a beige/taupe color. I got mine online at Sephora. Have a great Thursday!

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