Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Water Marble!

I have been wanting to do a water marble again for a while now. I would put on the white base, then get sleepy or distracted, and inevitably mess something up. Well, I finally got around to it! I think by NOT using a white base, I had better luck. That's what I'll tell myself anyway :) Here's what transpired in a round about way.I bought the Ciate set called "Colorfoil" which comes with a base polish, and then foil to put on the top. I did the base polish "Cream Soda" which is the grey color. (Cream soda is not grey, so I feel a bit let down by the naming of the color that Ciate did. Was someone on crack? Were they color blind?) Then I tried some of the foil. The foil effect is AWESOME, but once you put a top coat on, it gets horrid! It puckers and shrinks and wrinkles. I am going to try different top coats on top of it and see if there is any difference. It seems like if you are going to sell something in a kit, you should include a top coat that works for the finish you need. There is no top coat included at all. Anyway, I repainted the grey and thought, hmmm, I could marble on top of this, the color is light enough... so I did! For the marble, I used Ciate "Cream Soda", Finger Paints "Cerulean Escape" and Essence Colour & Go "Ultimate Pink". I like the layering the swirls did, the blue and pink to create a unique purple color. I will try the foil kit again, and hopefully have better results! Have a great Wednesday!

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