Monday, August 6, 2012

Black and gold

Happy Monday! You ever need a weekend to recover from your weekend? Anyway, I keep using this Sally Girl "Poser" (the black) and end up hating it. It's really nice by itself, but when a top coat is put over it, it gets weird. It's like putting water on a dried out sponge, like it doubles its thickness or something. It thickens so much, it almost looks like I have a gel polish manicure, or acrylics. Also it tends to shrink after about an hour. See where the tips look worn? This is only 12 hours later and 8 of those hours were sleeping, so not like scrubbing a toilet or anything! At any rate, I used my Konad plate M76 and Konad Special polish in gold for this design.I like it, but....meh.

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