Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't throw away unused Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips!

I have a tip for you all today. As we know, I am a Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips whore. I'm not ashamed :) But what happens when you have those few extra leftover? Sometimes, I am able to use one package at a time out of the two. This usually means that I have broken a nail and have to start over with stubbies, but I still have that unopened package of 8! I am usually able to cut a few in half and use one strip for two fingers. However, I am usually rocking longer nails, so I can only use one strip for one nail. So then you have 5-6 strips left over, right? Do you wanna toss them? I just spent an average of $10 for this box and only get to wear it once? No ladies....NO! I store and save the extra strips. I thought about it and came up with a few ideas. Firstly, you need a fairly airtight container. I chose an empty prescription bottle. These are designed to keep pills dry and fresh, right? Secondly, you don't want them to fade from sunlight. I wrapped the bottle in black paper, blocking the sun completely. (Don't keep them in direct sunlight just like regular polish, because they still get hot and can dry out from that) That's it. If they do dry out a bit from being in there for like 6 months (which some of mine have been) OPI has a dropper bottle of polish thinner. Let a drop or two fall on the paper backing, and let that soak in for a minute. They are nice and pliable again. Is this method just as good as opening a fresh package? Not by any means, and I'm not claiming it as such, but you can at least do a little something with those extra ones! Use them on your toes the same day, use them as french tips, or do random nail art as I have done above. I used OPI "Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!" as the base. I wanted a little something extra, so I had some of the SHSE strips left in "Stud-io Time", cut them into small strips following the lines in the pattern, and viola! Studded Gunmetal!

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