Friday, November 16, 2012

Mermaid Spell

I love the Layla Holographic polishes! I know other brands have just as good of a holo, and not the same price tag, but sometimes you have weird brand loyalty :) I always apply thin coats so they dry more quickly. If you don't let these dry, they tend to remove the coat below. Fortunately, they dry really quickly. You only need about 2 minutes between coats. This is 5 coats...yes I said 5....I like polish to be as opaque as possible, so less coats may work for you. This one is called "Mermaid Spell". I added a pattern from the 2013 Shany set that I just got in the mail! Yay! It's plate SH204 that I used with Konad special black polish.

On a side note, does anyone feel like this angle of photo makes nails look shorter than they actually are? I felt this way about my current nail length, so I took a photo before I stamped them from another angle.
See how wicked long they actually are? It's a shame that their length is marred by the angle. But then you can't see the art done on them, if there is any! Have a wonderful Friday!

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